Seller's Estimated Net Sheet

Purchase Price:$
Closing Date:
Estimated Expenses:
Commission at %:--
Settlement Fee:$350.00
Courier Fees/Miscellaneous:$25.00
Title Search:$85.00
Owner's Title Insurance Policy:$
Documentary Stamps:$
1st Mortgage Balance:$
2nd Mortgage Balance:$
Miscellaneous 1:$
Miscellaneous 2:$
Tax Proration:
Current Year Tax: $
Tax Proration: --
HOA Dues Proration:
Total Seller Expenses:--
Net Estimated Proceeds to Seller:--
Disclaimer: This calculator is intended to provide an estimate of net sales proceeds based upon the information inserted. There are other variables that can affect the net sales proceeds. This calculation is not intended as a guarantee of proceeds.
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